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Would human extinction be a tragedy?

If humans were to be wiped out and became extinct overnight, would the end of the human race be a tragedy? Or would it be a cause for celebration, the end of a malignant tumour in our ecosystem? Maybe it would be neither?
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Yes, it would be a tragedy

The loss of humans from this earth would be tragic

We bring something to this planet that no other species does

Human beings are the only species with an advanced level of reasoning. Explore

Human technological & scientific progress has so much potential

It would be tragic if this potential went unexplored because of extinction of the human race. Explore

Without humans, many other animals would go extinct

The extinction of the human race would cause other extinctions, making it a tragedy. Explore

It is irrelevant, it would mean nothing

With no humans left, it would have no meaning.

There are no humans left to give it meaning

There are no humans left to consider the event a "tragedy" Explore

It depends on the nature of the extinction

The method by which be became extinct would impact how tragic the extinction was

Two different scenarios

An argument considering the different outcomes of two extinction scenarios Explore

No, it would not be a tragedy

The world would be better off without us


Extinction would prevent future generations being born into this world that is so full of suffering. Explore

We’re a virus with shoes

Humans cause immeasurable destruction and devastation to the earth’s environment and its other species. Explore
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