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Are millennials lazy?

Older generations often consider millennials entitled and lazy in the workplace. Millennials see themselves as more efficient and better at challenging established rules in a way that sparks growth and innovation. Which one is it?
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Yes, millennials are lazy

Millennials just aren't willing to work as hard as other generations.

Millennials aren't willing to sacrifice

Millennials grew up in a world of instant gratification. Now, they won't make sacrifices. Explore

Millennials won't do menial or entry-level jobs

Millennials aren't willing to take entry-level jobs that previous generations took to make ends meet. Explore

“Can I leave early on Friday afternoons to go to Yoga?”

Millennials won't work long hours. They are the last ones to the office and the first ones to leave. Explore

No, millennials are not lazy.

Millennials aren't lazy, quite the opposite, they are hard workers.

Millennials take less time off

Nothing demonstrates the millennial work ethic than the fact they take significantly fewer vacation days than previous generations. Explore

Millennials value purpose over money

Work for work's sake holds limited appeal to a generation that anyway doesn't believe it will be able make equivalent income to their parents. Explore

Millennials are masters at making money from what they love

Millennials work incredibly hard to make money doing what they love. Explore

Baby boomers are just insecure

Baby boomers calling millennials lazy stems from a place of insecurity

Baby boomers see Millennials as a threat

Millennials have a better understanding of technology and work more effectively. They are a threat to baby boomer's workplace dominance. Explore
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