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Is it ethical to stockpile groceries during the coronavirus crisis?

All around the world we are seeing images of emptied supermarket shelves as people prepare for lockdowns. Is it ethical to ensure you have enough supplies for your family without regards to others? Or is it unethical not to think of other (potentially more disadvantaged) people's needs?

Stockpiling is a storm in a teacup

There are way bigger issues at hand than whether or not someone has more toilet paper for you. We should be focusing on ensuring healthcare services aren't at max capacity instead.

The bigger issue here is contagion inside the stores

Everyone running into the stores to stockpile supplies means much quicker spread of disease. This is the bigger problem at hand. Lack of toilet paper won't kill you, a disease can. Explore

Food supplies will replenish, hospitals are the real problem

Food supplies at stores are restocked regularly. There need not be panic about this. However there is a limited number of ICU beds available, so stopping the spread of the disease is the main issue. Explore

Yes, it is ethical to stockpile groceries

At the end of the day, you have a right to protect yourself and your family. You do not owe it to other people to ensure their needs are met too.

It is right to ensure your loved ones are provided for

If you have dependents you need more supplies to ensure they have what they need. Explore

Others are doing it so you have to do it

Even if you feel like you don't need to, the fact that everyone else is doing it means that you have to in order to have what you need. Explore

Survival is a basic human need

No one can blame you for going into survival mode during times of crisis. Explore

No, it is not ethical to stockpile groceries

It is unethical to only think of yourself during this time. There are people who need the supplies as much as you do and it is just and fair to ensure that there is enough for them as well.

There are more vulnerable people who need it more

It is not ethical to stockpile groceries and other supplies if you don't need them because there are vulnerable people who need them more. Explore

Shortages are caused by people stockpiling

There isn't a need to stockpile. But the fact that so many people buy into the panic causes the shortages. There would be normal amounts of products for everyone if people did not do this. Explore

Creates a sense of panic

The more people stockpile, the more media pays attention to it and hypes it up more. It becomes a full-filling prophecy where the panic buying leads to more panic buying. Explore
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