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Did nationalism predate nation-states?

Today, we are used to both the nation-state and the idea of nationalism. However, it may be possible to have one without the other. Authors have written about nationalism for centuries, but the nation-state as we know it has existed a relatively short amount of time. So, did nationalism predate the nation?

Yes, nationalism predated nation-states.

There is strong evidence of behaviors akin to nationalism in societies that predate our modern idea of the "nation-state."

Nationalism is a form of tribalism

Tribalism: the behaviour and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one's own tribe or social group Explore

Greek city-states had a national identity

Greek city-states rallied under a banner to defend their city against the Persian empire. Explore

No, nationalism did not predate nation-states.

While group and tribal identities have existed for centuries, the particular phenomenon of "nationalism" is most accurately viewed as unique to the nation-state.
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