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Is Taylor Swift a gay icon?

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous people in the world and has built a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars through her immensely personal songs. Her millions of 'Swifties' are as fierce as they are loyal. But has Taylor built the same kind of following in the LGBT community? Could we consider Taylor Swift to be one of the modern day gay icons?
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Yes Taylor Swift is a gay icon

Taylor Swift voiced her support for the LGBTQ community in 2019 because rights are being “stripped from basically everyone who isn’t a straight white cisgender male”.

Massive fan base

Taylor Swift is using her platform to reach hundreds of millions of people. She could be selling products or just having fun but instead she promotes messages for LGBTQ rights. She is not being paid for these messages, she promotes LGBTQ interests because she cares about the community and wants to help them. Explore

GLAAD vs Glad

Taylor Swift changed the lyrics to GLAAD instead of Glad. GLAAD is a LGBTQ charity which saw a spike in donations thanks to this move. Explore

Taylor Swift donates to LGBTQ causes

No Taylor Swift is not a gay icon

No, "You Need to Calm Down" was clearly designed to be the next 'great anthem' song. It was released to line Taylor Swift's pockets by spotting a chance to profit off the LGBTQ movement.

Suspicious release date of "You Need to Calm Down"

Why release this single in the midst of Pride if not to maximise revenue? Explore

Invented rivalries in the Reputation album

Taylor Swift's highly dramatic album has been accused of inventing rivalries to create hype. Is taking sides with LGBTQ against "the system" a similar strategy? Explore

Who cares if Taylor Swift is a gay icon?

Taylor Swift has a loyal fan base that will follow her no matter what cause she decides on. LGBTQ is a good start but why not support all worthy causes?

There are actual gay gay icons

Let LGBTQ rights be forwarded by people who actually understand the people better. Not someone who just recently became "woke". Explore

Many celebs have causes but not much happens

Maybe this is just a PR stunt for Taylor Swift after which she'll move on to the next one. Explore
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