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What does the global coronavirus response tell us about our ability to cope with future climate shock?

The global shocks of the coronavirus have tested every part of our society, from healthcare, to employment, finance, supply chains, global trade, nationalism, governance, emergency response, and on and on. How the world has responded is revealing a lot about how the world works, and makes us ask what it reveals about potential responses to future disasters, like the climate crisis. Is the coronavirus a stress test for future climate shock? How prepared are we?

Current systems are ill equipped to respond

We knew this was coming, strategies and plans had been drawn up, but the system has been unable to act in a way that avoids the worst outcomes. The performance should make us certain that the world is ill prepared to respond to larger future climate shocks.

Society will be just fine

People will die, GDP will go down, the markets will go down, but everything will bounce back. This is just another normal fluctuation and we will be fine. We've seen it before and we will see it again.

We are not resilient

The "normal" is what created this crisis. We must reimagine every part of our global system for resilience if we are to survive future climate shocks.
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