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Is the Met Gala distasteful?

The first Monday in May is a huge part of the fashion social calendar. Every year, the Met Gala is thrown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to benefit the Costume Institute. The event raises huge amounts of money, but is it just an excuse for capitalist worship of excess?
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Yes, the Met Gala is distasteful

The Met Gala is capitalist worship of excess, and frequently has offensive themes.

The Met Gala is capitalist worship

The Met Gala is a way for the super-wealthy to flaunt their money. This shouldn't be allowed in a country with ever-increasing levels of wealth inequality. Explore

The themes of the Met Gala are innapropriate

In past years the Met Gala has come under fire for having themes that encourage cultural appropriation and sacrilegious costumes. Explore

No, the Met Gala is not distasteful

The Met Gala is a fun way to raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Met Gala is fun to watch

Each year, millions of people love to examine and critique the costumes celebrities wear to the Met Gala. Explore

The purpose of the Met Gala is to raise money

The Met Gala is not thrown simply for reasons of vanity - it is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. Explore

The Met Gala is a showcase for designers

The Met Gala is an opportunity for designers to showcase breathtaking designs. Explore
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