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Is Marvel or DC better?

With both making profits in the billions of dollars, the Marvel and DC franchises are juggernauts. Every fan has their own opinion of which is superior, so which is it?
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Marvel is better

Worth more money, Marvel is the most successful movie franchise of all time.

Marvel is more entertaining

Marvel storylines have much more levity to them than DC, making them more enjoyable to watch or read. Explore

The Marvel movies have made more money

The Marvel movie universe is a juggernaut and the most successful movie franchise of all time. Explore

Marvel shows average people being heroes

Ironman, Spiderman... the Marvel movies show average people becoming super. Explore

DC is better

DC has moved into a darker realm and generally depicts heroes with impressive superhuman powers.

DC is darker

DC storylines are darker and edgier than Marvel, making them much more compelling. Explore

DC depicts gods

The heroes of DC have insane levels of power, replicating the gods of myth. Explore
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