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This is a place to read about and contribute to discussions about law. Discover the controversies surrounding the world of arbitration, civil society and questions around the abolishment of old practices.
Welcome to Law
Welcome to Law
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Can public participation improve democratic governance?

New forms of collective processes are emerging in contexts ranging from stable and functional to volatile and oppressive. Public participation is a global phenomenon. Will it improve democracy?

Law , Politics , Society

Should prisons be abolished?

Prison abolitionism is an ongoing debate in American society in particular. This map addresses the different views and arguments surrounding this question.

Ethics , Law , Society

Should we legalize all drugs?

Most countries in the world have laws banning the production, sale, and possession of illicit drugs. Despite billions being spent each year on enforcing these laws, a robust criminal market for drugs persists, and many places are undergoing epidemics of drug addiction. The challenges of enforcing drug prohibitions have led some advocates to propose legalizing drugs, while others maintain that laws...

Ethics , Law , Society

What is the purpose of prisons?

Is the point of prisons to restrict freedom as punishment for crimes committed? Should prisons be rehabilitative? Are prisoners supposed to emerge from the experience deterred from committing future crimes and morphed into law-abiding citizens?

Law , Politics

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