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Seeing a man on the moon was one of the coolest things of the 1960's. Since then, shuttle have been sending many, many people up to complete missions. These are costly and incredibly dangerous. Are manned missions economically viable or is it more effective to focus on less expensive drone missions?

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The risks of a manned expedition are too high to make it viable
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Psychological impact of space travel

A return voyage to an external planet will likely require several years in a small vessel
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Astronauts in interplanetary travel will be engaged on a trip of several months, which will isolate them for the rest of mankind

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A return trip to Mars is currently projected to last 26 months (6 months of travel, 14 months on Mars waiting the correct planter alignment for the return trip). This is far more than average stay on Internatiol Space Station (ISS). Further in case of an emergency an immediate return to Earth is possible form ISS which will not be the case for a Mars expedition

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