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Should felons be allowed to vote? Show more Show less

States within the U.S. differ significantly on policies relating to the disenfranchisement of felons. While on the one hand felons should be punished for disrespect of the law, they are also citizens with the right to be represented like anyone else. So, should felons never be able to vote again? Should they be granted the right to vote once they have completed their sentence? Or should they never lose the right to vote, even whilst serving their sentence?

Felons should never be allowed to vote Show more Show less

Felons have displayed a disrespect for society and should permanently lose their right to vote.
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Felons should not be able to have a say in society

Felons should not be able to dictate the future of a community they have harmed.

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The Argument

By committing a felony, felons have fundamentally harmed their community and shown a lack of respect for it. To give them the right to vote enables them to have a say in what happens to the very community they have harmed. This should not be permitted.

Counter arguments

Felons, once they have served their sentence, have repaid their debt to their community in the eyes of the law. There is no reason to continually punish them, especially when it blocks their progress in reintegrating themselves into society and discourages them from becoming invested in the community.


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[P1] Felons have been punished because of a disregard for their community. [P2] They should not have the right to have input into the future of this community.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Felons have completed their punishment and should not have their right to help dictate their community's future taken away.


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