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Are vaccines bad?

The safety of vaccines has been contested since 1763 when an Italian Doctor named Gatti introduced inoculations to the French. Since then, concerns over the safety and sanitation of vaccinations have led to a world-wide anti-vaccination movement. Are ‘anti-vaxers’ right to refuse inoculations? Are vaccines safe?
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Vaccines are good.

The risks associated with vaccinations are tiny compared to the risk of contracting and developing complications from the disease it protects you against.

Vaccines undergo extensive testing

Before any vaccine is sold, it must pass a set of stringent safety tests. Explore

Vaccines save lives

Vaccines save thousands of lives every year. Explore

"Safe" is a relative term

Vaccines are the safer option when confronted with a choice between leaving a child vulnerable to disease or vaccinating them. Explore

Vaccines are bad.

Big Pharma puts profit above safety, and promotes misinformation about the dangers of disease that our bodies are perfectly capable of fighting off without vaccinations.

Vaccines contain known neurotoxins

Several of the compounds in common vaccines are known neurotoxins. Explore

The link between vaccines and autism

Vaccines can cause autism. Explore

Vaccine Side effects

Vaccine side effects can be life-altering. Explore

The link between vaccines and sudden death syndrome

Vaccines have been linked to infant sudden death syndrome. Explore

Why pass the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act?

Why would US lawmakers pass an act to eliminate the financial liability of vaccine producers if vaccines are safe? Explore

Vaccines overwhelm the immune system

The immune system is not able to cope with the intravenous injection of multiple diseases at the same time. Explore

Vaccines aggravate existing illnesses

In some cases, vaccines have aggravated other underlying illnesses, with disastrous consequences. Explore

It is impossible to know if vaccines are good or bad

The science conducted on the subject can give us an indication, but ultimately it is impossible to know for sure whether or not vaccines are safe.

Ethical barriers to vaccine experiments

The only way to really test it would be through experiments deemed unethical. Explore
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