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Does the West still value human rights in light of its dismissal of Khashoggi's death? Show more Show less

The West used to be the loudest voice advocating for human rights. But Western governments' evasive stances on the horrifying death of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi government dissident, suggest this is no longer the case. In the light of huge economic links and political turbulence, are human rights still valued in western civilization?

Not exactly, Western governments' positions on honouring human rights are selective Show more Show less

The West would not honour human rights consistently if facing the risk of upsetting economic allies.
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Human rights norms were formed by the West

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The formations of human rights in Western societies are not based on philosophical foundations and do not reflect any clear moral values anymore. They are performed as diplomatic means, to serve the purpose of political strategy and negotiated agreements.

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