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For the two billion Christians worldwide, Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God - a first century messiah who performed miracles before being crucified to atone for the sins of mankind. However, some claim that Jesus was something else entirely, and have developed conspiracy theories claiming he was anything from a hypocrite to an alien. Who, or what, was Jesus?

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Claims abound that Jesus was another in disguise.
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Jesus was an Ancient Greek philosopher

Some claim that shocking similarities between the lives of Jesus and Apollonious, including being born in miraculous conditions, indicate they were the same person.
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A controversial documentary was filmed in 2016 that suggested that Christ was actually a Greek philosopher. The documentary, titled "Bible Conspiracies", claims that the figure head of the Christian religion has been confused with Greek philosopher Apollonius. Many religious scholars have found many paralells between the lives of Christ and Apollonius, whose origins can be traced back to a small village in modern day Turkey. [1]

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