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COVID-19: Are government resources better spent on public health or stimulating the economy? Show more Show less

Much of the world is now in lockdown to protect populations from the deadly spread of coronavirus. Yet, the US government is looking into an alternative approach. The latest statements from Donald Trump insist that 'the cure...[cannot be] worse than the disease'. These comments mark a striking policy difference to the rest of the world. Namely, they place more value on economic growth than on human life. During this unique pandemic, are government funds better spent on public health, or on stimulating the economy?

Government resources are better spent on economic growth Show more Show less

Stopping citizens from returning to work during the pandemic, will lead to a protracted economic crisis.
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Needs of a minority can't outweigh the future of a nation

Either way sacrifices will have to be made; the greater good should come first.
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The US government is calling current lockdown measures the '15 day challenge', with President Trump suggesting that closed businesses will be able to reopen from Easter.

The Argument

It is outrageous that the needs of a minority, who make no contribution to the economy, should be considered more important than those of the nation. The economic impact of the virus could be so great that those not yet born may still be living with the consequences. The draconian measures that are currently in place serve no one but the elderly and those with existing conditions. Why? The virus is much more dangerous for the sick and the old; these groups should be willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their children, grandchildren, and the Land of the Free.

Counter arguments

Coronavirus affects people of all ages. As it spreads, we are witnessing increasing numbers of cases amongst the young - many of which result in death. If this is about self-sacrifice, it is so across all demographics. The subsequent harm to the working and able population will be more damaging to the economy than maintaining lockdown. Moreover, '[the right to] life' is an essential part of the US Constitution. Enacting laws that would knowingly, and unnecessarily, put it at risk, are a violation of the principles of state.



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