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Oil is a big part of society. It’s used to power cars and produce energy. Although the world relies on oil, oil has a negative rap. When burned, oil creates carbon dioxide. Global warming and the degradation of the global environment is caused by excessive carbon dioxide emissions. Would it be better if society stopped using oil or is it so reliant on oil that it would be too risky to get rid of it?

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Society is too reliant on oil, and the environment is suffering because of it. There are oil alternatives that would be enough for society.
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Oil harms the environment

Oil is a natural product of the earth. However, due to the carbon dioxide it releases, it harms the environment. Therefore, it would be best if oil wasn’t used at all.
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The Argument

Burning oil negatively affects earth’s atmosphere. Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, a product of burning oil, is the main cause of global warming.[1] Therefore, the world would be better off without oil.

Counter arguments

Too many people and industries rely on oil to throw it out. In 2018, $2.18 trillion worth of oil was consumed globally.[2] For the sake of people, oil burning and production should stay.



[P1] Burning oil produces carbon dioxide [P2] Carbon dioxide causes global warming. [P3] The earth would be healthier without oil.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Society would not be healthier without oil.


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