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How does social media affect mental health?

The relationship between social media and mental health is complex, as social media takes over more and more of our lives. Many people instantly assume social media has a negative effect on mental health, but can there be positive effects too?
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No, social media has a positive impact on your mental health

Social media has the power to positively impact our mental health.

Social media can connect us with friends and family who live far away

While previously it was exceedingly difficult to contact those who live far away, it is easier than ever to keep in touch with loved ones. Explore

Social media connects us to positive messages and uplifting stories

Social media facilitates the spread of positive messages that people would not otherwise be privy to. Explore

Yes, social media is bad for mental health

Social media seriously harms your mental health.

Social media can provide us with negative messaging that encourages users to compare themselves to others.

Social media Explore

Social media causes dopamine highs.

Social media induces a chemical change in our brains, damaging our mental capacity over time. Explore
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