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What is Love?

Few words in the English language convey such a range of meanings as the word "love". For many, love is the reason for being, the subject of countless books, artwork, films, and works of theatre. But what is love? Is it an animalistic urge, a deep emotional connection, the manifestation of physical and chemical reactions, the act of being entirely devoted to another individual, or nothing at all?
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Love is science

Love can be reduced to chemicals and hormones, it is rooted in human evolution, our genetics and our desire to produce healthy offspring.

Love is a product of genetics and evolution

We are genetically conditioned to love those that share our bloodline (family) and those that would make a good mate (romantic). Explore

Love is all chemistry

Every aspect of love, from the love-at-first-site butterflies in the stomach to companionship in later life can be reduced to chemicals in the brain. Explore

Love is a feeling/emotion

Love is the sensation, feeling and emotions you feel when you find the right person.

The emotional dependence between two people

Love is the deep emotional dependence that develops between two people. Explore

Love is an unmistakable feeling

Love is a raw feeling distinguishable from other feelings. Explore

Love is the way we behave

Love is a verb. Like any other verb, it refers to an action. It is something we engage in and act upon.

Love is a choice

Love is not something passive that happens to us. We have a choice and we choose to love someone. Explore

What is swimming?

Asking "what is love" is like asking "what is swimming". Both refer to clear actions. Explore

Love is a union

Love is the act of going from an 'I' to a 'We'.

The Hebrew word for love

The Hebrew word reveals the true definition of love. Explore

Love is when another soul completes your soul

When two people meet and fall in love, the two souls merge to form one, complete, shared soul. Explore

Love is about building a 'We'

Love is the abandonment of two 'I's and the formation of a single 'We' Explore

Love has a footing in ancient Greece

Plato's Aristophanes presented the union theory of love. Explore

Love is valuing another person

The act of loving is valuing another person.

Falling in love is an appraisal of the other person's value

When we decide who is worthy of our love, we carry out an appraisal. Explore

Love is when the other person has value for its own sake

Few actions occur purely for its own sake. Love is the attribution of value for no other reason than for its own sake. Explore

Love is a tool of the patriarchy

Love is an artificial construct which oppresses women and reinforces the patriarchy.

The social context that love appears in is oppressive

Love in itself isn't oppressive but under current social constructs, it becomes oppressive. Explore

It depends on the type of love

There are many different types of love. Each one is something different.

Romantic love vs deep emotional attachment

There are two kinds of love. One is romantic love, which can often begin with lust. The other is a deeper emotional attachment. Explore

The seven types of love

The ancient Greeks had names for the seven different types of love. Explore

Love is undefinable

Love cannot be defined. It is bestowed on us by God. God is unknowable and undefinable, therefore, love is also unknowable and undefinable.

God is love

The bible tells us God is love. Because God is unknowable and undefinable, love must be the same. Explore
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