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Theodicy is the name given to reconciling the existence of God as a divine, benevolent, omnipotent being with the existence of evil. The existence of evil appears to contradict the existence of God. If an all-powerful, all-good being existed, then why would they permit evil in the world? The existence of evil must confirm that God is either not omnipotent, not benevolent, or non-existent. Theodicy attempts to answer the basic question of why God permits evil.

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God is the divine creator of all earthly phenomena. Evil exists on earth. Therefore, God has ordained evil and allows it to exist.
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We need evil to see God’s love

Without evil, we would not be able to see God's love.

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Without evil, we would be unable to see the love of God. God’s love is so striking because it stands in contrast to evil.

The Argument

If we never experienced sadness, we would be unable to perceive happiness. We must be able to experience the absence of something before we can truly perceive the existence of something. Therefore, in a world without evil, God’s love would be invisible. We need evil in order to see love. God wants us to see his love, therefore, he ordained evil.

Counter arguments

God could allow enough evil for us to see his love, without allowing all of the evils that currently exist in the world. There is a big difference between allowing evil in the form of rude and offensive acts and speech, and allowing the genocide of races, childhood cancer, and paedophilia.


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[P1] We can only perceive something if we have perceived the absence of something. [P2] Therefore, we can only perceive God's love if we can perceive an absence of love. [P3] This absence of God's love is our perception of evil.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] If God was all-good, God would have ordained enough evil for us to perceive his love without unleashing all the evils on humankind.


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