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Is the Earth flat? Show more Show less

The shape of the Earth has been the subject of popular and scientific interest for millennia. Are theories about the Flat Earth correct, or does the Earth have curvature?

No, the Earth is not flat Show more Show less

Flat Earth theories are incorrect; the Earth is round.
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Different constellations are seen from different places

Constellations appear to shift toward the horizon as you move away from the equator.
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The Argument

The north star (Polaris) cannot be seen farther than about 2° south latitude. Using FE measurements (12,500 miles from the north pole to the ice wall or dome, 3,100 mile Polaris altitude), neither pole star (Polaris/Sigma Octantis) should ever be visibly lower than 14° above the horizon.

Counter arguments

You cannot use math to prove anything! Eyesight has a limited range.



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