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Is a world without any borders a good idea? Show more Show less

Millions of people risk their lives trying to cross borders into other countries. Some are fleeing violence and persecution, others are looking for better economical opportunities or to be reunited with family members. What are the pros and cons of a world without borders?

No, we should keep our borders Show more Show less

Getting rid of borders would be a bad idea
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Opening the borders would cause chaos

Opening all the borders would result in everyone migrating to the richest countries, these countries would collapse under the pressure
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Our societal infrastructure is fragile enough as it is. Opening borders on a world-wide scale would cause chaos. (1)

The Argument

In any nation, there is a limited number of vehicles on the road that the city infrastructure can support, a limited number of places in schools and beds in hospitals. Without borders, mass immigration would overflow the nation and its infrastructure, leading to total disorder. (2)

Counter arguments



(1) Open borders would cause mass migration (2) Our infrastructure could not support mass migration, causing chaos (3) Open borders would cause chaos

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