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Is a world without any borders a good idea? Show more Show less

Millions of people risk their lives trying to cross borders into other countries. Some are fleeing violence and persecution, others are looking for better economical opportunities or to be reunited with family members. What are the pros and cons of a world without borders?

No, we should keep our borders Show more Show less

Getting rid of borders would be a bad idea
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Opening borders would endanger those in richer countries

There are many criminals and terrorists in other countries who would move to richer countries if they could.
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Many poorer countries have much higher crime rates than richer countries. Some country governments are even ran by drug cartels! Letting those guys come into our country would be putting your kids at risk.

The Argument

There are many terrorists and criminals living in poorer countries. If we open the borders they will come in and make our families unsafe.

Counter arguments



[P1] Opening the borders will encourage terrorists and criminals to enter our country. [P2] Having more terrorists and criminals in our country will make our families more unsafe. [P3] Opening the borders will make our families more unsafe.

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