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Should you give money to beggars? Show more Show less

For people fortunate enough to have extra money in their pockets, giving it away can be fraught with stress. The decision to give or not to give money to homeless people has real-world consequences. This question is not concerned with the legality of giving money, but rather with the moral and ethical dilemma that goes along with it.

Yes, you should always give to those who have less. Show more Show less

If you were homeless, you'd want someone to help you out with money.
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The Ripple Effect

Giving a dollar to one person may end up helping more people down the line.
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Giving money to the needy has been shown to create a ripple effect and ends up helping people beyond those that received the money [1].

The Argument

By giving money to a person in need, you may be indirectly helping more than just them.

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