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The shape of the Earth has been the subject of popular and scientific interest for millennia. Are theories about the Flat Earth correct, or does the Earth have curvature?

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Flat Earth theories are correct about the shape of the Earth.
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The horizon always looks level

Even from high up in an aeroplane the horizon looks level to the naked eye
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Any sphere appears flat when you zoom in close enough. People that use this line of reasoning to support their belief in a flat Earth, simply do no understand scale. The Earth is incredibly large when compared to things a person is innately familiar with. The horizon does NOT "always rise to eye level". Many people have performed simple experiments to prove this:



It looks flat, so it must be flat.

Rejecting the premises

Any curve will appear flat if enough magnification is applied. At sea level, a 6 foot tall person will see at most, 0.024% of Earth's curvature. At an airliner's cruising altitude, you will see at most, 1.0% of the curvature, but only from the cockpit. From a passenger window, you will see about 1/3 of that. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Then cut out a 1% piece of the circle, and notice how little curvature you can see. This is why it is so difficult to notice Earth's curvature from the surface.


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