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Do films and TV series glamourize crime? Show more Show less

Films and TV series have always depicted violence. However, as the trope of the 'anti-hero' becomes more popular, as does showing violence on screen. Additionally, it is seemingly getting more violent and grotesque, especially as special effects allow violence to become more realistic. Is this just harmless entertainment? Or does it encourage violence in real life?

It depends on who is watching. Show more Show less

The mature adult audiences might not be influenced but the more vulnerable or younger audiences who do not have the understanding, experience or exposure to make sense of it could be influenced.
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Young audience

A young person can be easily impressed and influenced to participate in illegal activities based on a popular film or series.
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The Argument

When a film or series becomes popular among a young audience, there can be peer pressured or single-handed induced criminal activity.

Counter arguments

The content rating system for films and series exists to avoid younger audiences from watching content that is not suited for their age.



[P1] Young people have psyches in development which are easily impressed upon and influenceable. [P2] Young people can fall into peer pressure to engage in illegal activities inspired by popular films or series.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Films and series have a content rating system for a reason. Parents are responsible for allowing their young to watch shows that are not aimed for them.


Further Reading

Watching violent films does make people more aggressive, study shows by Keith Perry [1]


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