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What is society?

Societies have been a core part of human interaction since the beginning of mankind. But what is society? A shared geography? A shared culture? Coming together to work towards a shared goal? Do they even exist?
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Society is a shared territory

Societies evolved around geospatial territories. They are influenced by and depend on, the connection between people and the space they occupy.

Societies have a sense of spatial belonging

It is impossible to separate a society from the space it controls or occupies. The social and the geographical are entwined. Explore

Societies mobilize around possession and defense of territory

The possession and defence of a territory is one of the greatest mobilizing forces in a society. Explore

Society is a shared culture

Societies emerge around a shared culture, value system and language.

A society shares a language

Societies are organized around a common parlance. Explore

A society shares values

Societies form around those with common values. Explore

Society is sharing a common goal

Societies form around the need to collaborate to solve a common problem or pursue a common goal.

Without society, man is selfish

In the absence of society, humans become selfish and ego-centric as self-preservation becomes the sole focus. Explore

The state is the ideal expression of society

The most efficient and perfect expression of a society is the state. the state's role is to set collective goals. Explore

Society is a prison

Societies are a prison of our own making, stifling individualism and free thought.

Collective rationalization has imprisoned the individual

Societies have erected institutions designed to maximize efficiency. In doing so, they have built prisons that incarcerate the individual. Explore

Society means different things to different people

There is no universal definition or attribute all societies have. The idea of society means different things to different populations.

Society is defined by its participants

The participants of a society define its role and definition. Explore

Each society is vastly different

Societies are not generic constructs. Each society is unique. Explore

Society doesn't exist

There is no such thing as a collective society. When we perceive 'society' we are merely perceiving randomized individual behavior and interactions.

We are all individuals

Society as a concept that exists beyond the individual doesn't exist. It is merely the sum of individual interactions. Explore
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